Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I took a long walk to Tribeca this Saturday in hopes of stirring some active energy within and to sip an espresso made by the most expensive espresso machine in New York City. 

RBC boast neutral shades and a Portland feel. The staff was young and friendly and mainly male. There is one long communal table in the middle of the room and few seats at a bar in the window and a couple of chairs in the corner. It didn't have a "hang here" kind of vibe. There is an enormous flat screen hanging between exposed brick walls that was set on CNBC.

Crafted in Seattle, the $18,000 Slayer espresso machine wasn't a beauty. I was kind of expecting it to be tall and gold and pretty.... 

It did, however, produce a lovely Americano. Pretty large size too for under $3. 

The menu offers sandwiches from Zabar's, pastries from Bouchon Bakery, and cookies from Downtown Cookie Co. 

I would go back.... 

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